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Your vehicle always traceable...


Clifford Electronics Benelux supplies unique vehicle tracking systems, that make it possible to localize cars, trucks and boats, and allows you to recover your vehicle in case of theft. All our systems combine perfect technology with an excellent level of service. As a result your vehicle will always be traceable whenever you need it the most.

...with a TraceNet tracking system

A valuable vehicle should be equipped with a proper tracking system. In fact; in many cases insurance companies demand from the customer that they install a proper vehicle tracking system that complies with SCM class 4 or 5 homologation.

Europese dekking
European GSM and Control Room
Rit Registratie
Trip Registration
Jamming Detectie
Jamming Detection
SCM Goedgekeurd
SCM Class 4/5
Voertuig lokaliseren
Vehicle Location